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Chat Bots Are the Next Digital Platform for Self Promotion


Here’s a bold prediction: Setting up your personal Chat Bot will become as common and as simple as creating a LinkedIn profile. Until then, there is a unique opportunity for resourceful individuals to quickly develop their own Chat Bot and learn a few cool things along the way.

If you aren’t already aware of how Chat Bots are changing the nature of interactions on the web, then consider this your chance to become one of the early adopters. Chat Bots offer a number of advantages over classic resumes and on-line CVs. Here are a few of them:


  1. They are easily accessible via most Messaging platforms
  2. They are Mobile friendly
  3. There are no apps or logins required
  4. They are more engaging than a printed CV or even a LinkedIn page
  5. They are highly visual and interactive. Easily showcase your body of work not just your accomplishments.
  6. They allow your creativity and personality to come through
  7. They can be quickly and easily edited
  8. They can tell a more complete and well-rounded story than a straight CV
  9. They foster interactions and exchanges with visitors which can be tracked, measured and refined
  10. They can support Live Chat


The good news is that setting up a personalized Chat Bot is really simple and also rather fun.

My business partner and I are developing a new Chat Bot-based Health & Wellness technology platform for treating people with chronic disorders. As part of the development, we have delved deeply into the world of Bots and Artificial Intelligence. Part of this included looking at the global Chat Bot landscape to see what was already out there and how we could develop a differentiated platform. Along the way, I thought it would be useful to develop a personal Chat Bot for my blog & website: Medtech Mojo. Kudos to Esther Crawford who earlier this year spearheaded the use of Chat Bots for personal promotion via her own EstherBot (she has since started a business called Olabot devoted to helping people create their personal Chat Bots). Much like her, my goal was to use an off-the-shelf Editor and to learn some of the subtleties of creating a new form of automated & personalized communication.

After looking at various options, I settled on ChatFuel. It could have been almost any other editor (e.g. ChatScript, Pandorabot,, There are many out there and more each day) but ChatFuel earns high marks for its simple and intuitive design. It’s also 100% free — for now at least. Support was good, not great. They quickly answered my first technical question and then completely ignored my second. Still, in a matter of hours I was able to get a professional + personal Chat Bot running via my Facebook page. It’s searchable in Messenger and Facebook under Medtech Mojo and is called, MojoBot.

Creating your personal Chat Bot is a fun way to stand out of the crowd while demonstrating your creativity and digital skills. Especially since apps are on their way out (see my earlier article: “Forget Apps. Why Chat Bots Will Transform Health Tech”). Thanks to a slew of free online editing tools & services, the process of creating your very own Chat Bot is easier & faster than ever. In my next article, I will share tips on how to quickly and painlessly build your own Chat Bot. So get your Bot in gear and let me know how things go!


Andrew Hyncik is an International Strategic Marketing & Product Innovation veteran with 20 years of experience in the MedTech, Healthcare and Pharma industries. For more original Medtech insights and innovation ideas, visit Medtech Mojo. Medtech Mojo is a team of international Marketing and Technology experts focused on innovative, AI-powered solutions for Health & Wellness. Check out our brand new Mojobot Chat Bot.

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