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10 Tips to Recruit Internal Social Media Ambassadors


Finding internal brand or product ambassadors for social media is one of the most impactful ways to generate/curate content and engage with customer communities.  The thing is that very few companies are either aware of this, comfortable doing it or actively practicing it.  Pity.

To help get you on your way and to find your next ambassadors, here are a few quick tips and ideas:
  1. Call.  Either directly call a few people you have identified within the organization as high energy potentials/product experts or reach out to various department heads to see if they would like to nominate or suggest someone.
  2. E-mail.  Send an e-mail to the entire organization asking for interested volunteers who have a knack for social media, a passion for what the company does and some limited product knowledge.
  3. Present.  Hold a few social media presentations/lectures to educate company personnel on what it is and how it works.  This may not even have to be company related.  It could just be about teaching people about social media in general and how it works.  After the presentation ask if anybody would like to learn more and perhaps even volunteer to become an ambassador or product champion.
  4. Organize.  Create a social media club that meets regularly to discuss trends and activities.  Great way to get new ideas and to identify eager new ambassadors.
  5. Develop your own community.  Create an internal online community (twitter or other) to discuss product topics or questions and engage with internal experts or field personnel.
  6. Incentivize.  Create an internal contest for the best essay, testimonial or article on a selected topic.  The winners will have their submission featured on the company’s website or in a newsletter.
  7. Stimulate creativity.  Run a video/YouTube award program for people within (or outside) the company to create a short video about why they love the company/products.
  8. Reward.  Create a bounty/incentive program for people to regularly submit fresh new content.  Work closely with regular or frequent contributors.
  9. Research.  Conduct a company online survey/audit to see who is active on line and where.  Invite active users to participate in a company social media expert panel.
  10. Broadcast.  Conduct a series of informational/educational webinars on social communities and track active participants & feedback received.

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photo credit: Umpqua via photopin cc

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